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Traditional Artist is here bringing you back the selections of strictly traditional artworks. Here you will find some wonderful, under appreciated traditional works, bringing back the traditional into traditional art gallery.

Due to the International Women's Week I have not been able to get this newsletter out, so this edition is a bit bigger than usual but more amazing than ever. :love:

Now go out there and give these wonderful traditional artists some love.:love:

the sea massacre by aceloveschandeliers the curious one by toastmastergeneral From the Edges 2 by clijoco Satyricon by hermocrates 'WHERE GUILT LIVES' by bmessina:thumb79880258::thumb78390039: The island of the setting sun by StephanusEmbricanus Between the Values by BogumilHoder:thumb79514503: Flight 3, Ebullio by ChrisPanatier tony by kora123 Glacial by lucid-dion Guardian of The Mountains II by FrodoK:thumb78398877: Silent Tartu 02 by xanq:thumb78465150: Self impression- rendition by JetJames See No Evil Monoprint by Elsma Speak No Evil Monoprint by Elsma:thumb79692658: cherry by siudajSTEJ Eve VI by STiX2000 Cr3ate by Snow-Owl:thumb79452448: Francesca by ozric1971 sexy by SteevDragon Tamia Study 100308 by AEnigm4 Sacred Angel of Comfort by TereseNielsen third by SketchesFromFoxy Fisheyed Mike by Pigeon-Whistle Watercolor girl by xSIRENx:thumb78507293:

Mature Content

Bound in the darkness by L-A-M

Mature Content

Beat by maestroWMR
Skin3 by degas74

Mature Content

Skin6 by degas74

Mature Content

The Poet by Jumprabbit

Mature Content

Study Almudena 030308 by AEnigm4
Avidite by bomans-land Quicky by christiana Seated back by Darkdesyre:thumb78642430:

Mature Content

object of desire V by andreas-tschannen
:thumb78508284: 'Birth' by SonerGoksay

Mature Content

No Fear of Flying by BRipin

Mature Content

Trance by HockeyKurzy4
Nude Blue by Seven-Fourteen dzdzysta szeptucha by lauraverde:thumb79438911::thumb79700344: kim by irisp

Mature Content

Untitled by dreaminpng

Mature Content

The Nude Pear by cybergranny
:thumb79956543: Linea Nigra II by JetJames delivery by artforheart Drippy Ellen McL by BRipin The Road Home by ForlornExistence Guardian of The Mountains by FrodoK pipe and  boards by 3threesuns Stars and Stripes by DeftLeftHand 'The Fall' by dragonsculptor:thumb78981474: 'ITS ALL A BLUR' by bmessina The Purifier ... Sold by graemeb going nowhere by robverheyen

Mature Content

worship of the invisible moon by dariusz
:thumb79740902::thumb79755680: The Universal Saviour by Aeonoel:thumb79774807::thumb79874117:

Mature Content

Shrieking Beauty by Tomoran
:thumb79850170: my children playng games by shepa Mother with a child by Mirk0 Addiction II sketch update by angotti81 Leadership's Online Labs by carts Manifest by leoplaw:thumb80041419: Home team by Bernardumaine blue_dream by shepa

:heart:Special feature :iconsuzzan-blac::heart:

Deep down inside I am macabre fanatic.  I love to see that dark side, that pain, hurt, sadness. I do have sad side when I see a car crash on side of road I slow down just to be able to see if there are any body bits :faint: and to me there is nothing that brings me more pleasure than to see accomplished, amazing macabre and horror artist using traditional media, that not only successfully expresses that darkness within, but also displays incredible skill and uses powerful imagery.  One of those amazing artists, that made me cry the other night when I saw her newest deviations is suzzan-blac

Mature Content


Mature Content

suffocating in my own demise by suzzan-blac

Mature Content

do you bleed like I bleed? by suzzan-blac

:heart:Traditional Community Challenge:heart:

I would like to challenge every member of traditional community to following:

:bulletblue: become immersed into traditional community
:bulletblue: browse the traditional art galleries
:bulletblue: add at least 4 new traditional artists to their watch a week
:bulletblue: welcome at least 3 new traditional deviants to the community
:bolletblue comment nicely to at least 10 traditional pieces a week (comments longer than 1 sentence, emoticons dont count)
:bulletblue: feature at least one traditional artist in their journals weekly

I think this would make the traditional community more visable, and more networked, it would help everyone develop their skill more, as well as come up with the new ideas for new amazing creations.


I want to invite each and every member of the traditional community to big gallery clean up, where we would like to ask everyone to have good look through their galleries and if there are any miscats in there please put them to correct spot.  If you have any heavily digitally altered work please move it to correct spot.  This would make our jobs so much easier, and to be honest galleries would be much nicer to browse. Thank you so much in advance for helping us with this issue.  Please give this your priority.


We are looking for the stamps that explain what is and what is not traditional art.  We need these as part of education campaign we want to run, so it helps us keep the galleries clean.  If you make such stamp please let me know it is more than appreciated. :community:

Previous Issues of Traditional Artist (MC)
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** To suggest someone to feature please send me a note with the link to artist titled Traditional Artist Suggestion and I will be happy to feature them **

** Please submit only traditional work (made by physical media) to traditional art gallery **

Traditional Art Stamp by darkartificer:thumb78452719:
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Well done Sandra, thanks for the inclusion. Suzzan's work is out there, she is getting ready for her first solo show with strychnin next year!
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